Landscapes in North America

The following photographs are a collection of landscape shots taken on the west coast of the United States. All are HDR images and I shot three photographs for each image created.

Rahul Alvares Oregon

Sunset in Portland: I’m driving the car on the way back from a long road trip with Heidi to Yellowstone National park and I suddenly notice the sky filled with the most gorgeous shades of pink orange and yellow just as we’re entering Portland city. I go beserk trying to pull off the freeway and find a place to stop. Heidi, every helpful, takes the driver seat in a flash and I dash out of the car and make the shot above and the one below.

Rahul Alvares Oregon

The red truck on the right side of the road has Heidi seated inside it patiently waiting for me to finish photographing!

Mount Hood Oregon

Sunrise at Mount Hood:
After a fabulous night spent camping in the back of the truck with Heidi I woke up to a spectacular sunrise on Mount Hood. The night had been freezing cold and numbing pain shot through my fingers as I pulled off my gloves in the morning to take this shot. I spent half an hour photographing and watching the light change on the peak across me from a light pink to a blinding bright white while my teeth chattered uncontrollably from the cold! Heidi fared much better with the cold considering she chose to take a walk to another view point instead!

Mountains in Oregon

Heidi and I passed these mountains several times on our way out of Portland on long road trips. The barren area in front of the trees is actually composed of cooled volcanic lava.

Waterfall in Oregon

Waterfall in Oregon:
Heidi and I found this waterfall on the way to Mount Hood while looking for a place to camp for the night. At the time I didn’t have a tripod so instead I braced the camera on the rail of the bridge on which I stood and used a small stone to get the right angle for the photograph!